By: Raja Noor Adilla Raja Mahyaldin

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Sejarah Kali Pertama

Well, this one is tagged by Azah...ini first time nak play this game sejak ada fp.

To azah...sorry lmbt jawab sbb dah lama tak update FP sejak pregnant ni...lgpun baru few weeks balik from msia.

So...this is my 'Sejarah Kali Pertama':

1.Berjauhan dr family
Inilah kali pertama jauh dr family. Selama ni mmg all the time duduk dkt dgn family. Masa sekolah pun tak duduk hostel. Masa kat uia even though duduk college tp memanjang balik je sbb dekat dgn rumah. So, bila dtg cardiff nilah first time jauh dr family.

2. Got pregnant
Well, it was an amazing experience...even though i'm pregnant with the 2nd is still an amazing experience as every pregnancy tu lain2. The best part is bila u could feel the baby moves in your tummy for the first time. Priceless.

3. Kena Morning sickness
I hate it...still hate it...whatever you have eaten mesti keluar balik. Semua buat tak kena. I still don't understand knp they call it morning sickness as i had it the whole day.

4. My weight lebih dr 50 kg
Ini pun masa pregnant jugak. The last i weighed before delivery was 68 kg. Dasyat kan. I felt so big and so heavy. Luckily lps tu turun balik to normal. I owed it all to breastfeeding.

5. Masuk operation theatre
Masa deliver elissa...through c-section sbb dia breech and kena deliver prematurely. Elissa ni dah tak sabar2 nak keluar sgt even baru 35 weeks. As it is my first baby, my gynea tak nak i took the risk of delivering normally because elissa dah distress and in breech position. That's it...kenala ceaser. Mmg gelabah masa mula2 msk kat dlm OT tu. I didn't know what to expect. But, it was over in split second. Sedar2 tu dah habis dah semua. Lepas tu barula rasa sakit.

6. Being a mummy
A very incredible feeling....tak sangka yg i would be able to have such opportunity. And now watching elissa growing in front of my's something which is incomparable with anything in the world.

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Wedding - Epul & Alida - 14 June 2008

me... nearly 8 mths pregger
with our parents
mama & abah
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The wedding took place on 14.6.2008. As i am about 7 1/2 mths pregger....i couldnt fit in the dress which my mum dah tempah since january. Masa tu tak tau pregnant lagi. My mum tempah baju cepat sbb they had to tempah it at bandung together with baju pengantin.

Well, whatever it is...the wedding went on well. Even though penat...but my parents were happy with the outcome. Couldnt blame them...they really work hard for this function. Also credit to cik ya....without mum would definitely patah sayap. As for Me.... biasala...slow sikit sbb perut pun dah besar plus melayan elissa lagi.

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Our beautiful Elissa - She's 2 years old

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She is truly the apple of our eyes....especially to her daddy The fact that she drives us mad everytime with her attitude (believe me...she really has attitude)..but at the end of the day she's really a sweetheart. It really amazed us of how she could have all those energy to turn the house upside down everyday. To see how creative her mind could be to create something and how strong her determination just to get something that she wanted. She really knows how to make us laugh after she's done something that we're supposed to be angry with her. That's our ELISSA. She's really a gift from Allah. We are thankful to Allah everyday for bestowing us such a wonderful blessings. Seeing her growing in front of our eyes is without doubt a priceless experience.

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Our house

our living room
dining area
our kitchen
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Last week we moved into a new place. Well, it is a bit better than our first place. It is a 3-bedroom house with a garden. Luaslah sikit untuk elissa nak berlari.

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Majlis Hari Raya Cardiff-Keluarga

elissa, mama n daddy
elissa, mama n daddy
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Cardiff-Keluarga organised Majlis Sambutan Hari Raya at Cardiff U Business School. This event was held specially to gather all Malay community undergrads and postgrads and to introduce new family that just arrived at cardiff. We had a great time. Kat sinilah boleh kenal semua orang.

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